Children and young people

All children and young people who are in the care of Cheshire West and Chester Council automatically become part of our Virtual School.

Of course, you will also go to a ‘real’ school, but we are here to work with them to make sure you get the most out of your education.

Your Personal Education Plan (PEP)

Your Personal Education Plan (PEP) is an important part of helping you to succeed with your education.

There will probably be a lot of adults putting together a lot of paperwork about your life right now, but your PEP is important as not only will it mention any struggles, but it will also highlight your successes. You should be invited to be part of any conversations about your PEP as this will help make sure you get the right support.

If you have to move school for any reason your PEP will move with you. This will mean your new teachers know how to best help you with your education.

For more information about your PEP take a look at the leaflet from the Children in Care Council.

If you’re thinking about subject choices for your GCSEs, or considering what path you want to take once you finish school you can speak to your teachers, social worker or personal adviser.

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